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Sigil Series

Sigil Series

You may or may not have noticed, we've been releasing some experimental beers under our "Sigil Series" label -  super small-batch limited releases that allow our Head Brewer Matt to flex his creativity and share his personality. Here's a note on our Sigil Series, straight from the horses mouth...

"In brief, Sigil Series is a way to design beers that aren't necessarily to brand but still maintain our ethos of community engagement. This allows me to design beers that have more thematic meaning to me personally. I am making beers that don't necessarily fit the mould of an existing style, nor do they taste like Royal City core beers. In working with local tattoo artists we are still supporting and engaging in community. All of the beer names are inspired by songs from my favourite bands, which I feel fit the mood of the drink.  Sigil Series is very meaningful to me, as it is beer I want to drink (not that other Royal City beers aren't), with labels designed by artists I really respect, named after other artists I really respect.  In short, it is dope." 

Well Matt, we couldn't agree more; check out the DOPE labels below, by Mark Chislett of Nostalgia Tattoo and Mac Young of Nighthawk Tattoo. 

Our latest Sigil Series is OUT NOW. We've collaborated with Taylar Dobbie, a local artist who works out of Grey Harbour Tattoo. Taylar is as kind as she is talented (and she's like, super talented). Check out her Instagram to see for yourself. Taylar Dobbie is a tattoo artist currently working out of Grey Harbour Tattoo on James St N in Hamilton. She's a big fan of boss babes, spooky things and miso soup. When hearing the name of this new release she wanted to design something a little different with a strong, vintage colour palette. She's a big fan of hazy, dank IPAs but when the weather turns colder loves to sip on a dark beer rich with nuts and coffee notes.

Haunted Arches is a "dark beer" - and yes, that is intentionally ambiguous. This 9% beauty doesn't really fit neatly into a specific style; dark, bold, fermented with Kveik, Haunted Arches comes in 650ml and is a bonafide SPOOK-FEST.
Written by: Jonathon Baraball
Edited by: Avery Meron
With excerpts from: Matt McConnell and Taylar Dobbie


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