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UoG Brew Lab x Escarpment Labs

UoG Brew Lab x Escarpment Labs

This November 2020, we are excited to welcome a new collaborator- The University of Guelph! Together with the expertise of Escarpment Labs, we're thrilled to bring you, "Experimental Farm Ale".

The UofG BrewLab was established by the Department of Food Science in 2016 to complement undergraduate teaching and outreach. Their primary goal is to educate students and the public about food microbiology, fermentation and cereal-science by providing hands-on experience with lab-scale brewing equipment as well as making creative beers which highlight history, research and food-related activities that take place at Canadas Food University.

Escarpment Labs is a Canadian yeast supplier who offers their laboratory expertise to help brewers capture terroir-specific yeast to create unique, brewery-specific experiences. The yeast in this beer was isolated from a squash flower at The Guelph Centre for Urban Organic Farm by Escarpment Labs Quality Control Team in collaboration with the UoG Food Science Department.  The recipe was developed by the UoG BrewLab which was then made in large scale by us here at Royal City Brewing.

Together, we decided to donate 50 cents from every can will be donated to ARCH Guelph and the work they do in our community providing resources such as programs, services, education and support to people living with, affected by, and at risk of, HIV and AIDS in Guelph, Wellington County, Dufferin, Grey and Bruce Counties. They provide anti-oppressive, sex-positive, inclusive care, treatment and prevention services in the area of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted blood-borne infections through innovative health promotion strategies and community engagement.

PLUS! We are releasing a limited edition (online only) Experimental Farm Ale T-shirt with $5 from each one being donated to ARCH Guelph.

We are so proud to unite with Escarpment Labs and UoG Food Science BrewLab to donate to this cause. 

Launching November 6th 2020 at 12PM.


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