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The Guelph Food Bank

The Guelph Food Bank

We are so happy to be collaborating with The Guelph Food Bank this year to help raise money for the upcoming Holiday Season. 

The Guelph Food Bank was established in 1989 and is 100% community driven, receiving no regular government funding. They believe that everyone deserves access to a variety of food options, regardless of their financial situation and they also provide access to resources such as clothing, budget counselling, or other life support. They distribute more than 1.3 million lbs of food each year, ensuring all donations of food and other goods are received by those in need. For every $1 donated, the Guelph Food Bank can provide 3 complete and nutritious meals to a community member in need. 

50 cents from every can will be donated to The Guelph Food Bank.
This brew will launch October 15th, 2020.

ABV 5% || IBU 35

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