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Guelph Black Heritage Society Collaboration

Guelph Black Heritage Society Collaboration


February is Black Heritage Month and to honour this, we have collaborated with Guelph Black Heritage Society for the last 5 years to produce Lantern Ale. A portion of all sales from this product go directly to the society and the initiatives they are currently pursuing. Guelph Black Heritage Society strives to create a cultural, historical and social community center within Guelph and Wellington County at Heritage Hall.

The 1880 building that Guelph Black Heritage Society have owned since 2012 is a former British Methodist Episcopal Church which had ties to the Underground Railroad. At that time, the lantern was a symbol of hope and safety, guiding people to freedom. A lantern would be placed in the window of a home to signify and to identify a safe house along the underground railroad. With help from our talented designer, Cai Sepulis, we’ve created a label that tells the story behind the lantern.

"Royal City Brewing Company was one of the first community collaborators with the GBHS.  We have worked together since 2017 and appreciate the ongoing support.  Black "Heritage" Month commemorates the past and present accomplishments within the Black community as we set sights on our bright future ahead.  While we will continue to acknowledge the resilience and bravery of those who came before us, we must recognize that Black history and experiences are much more than the narrative of slavery." - Denise (President of Guelph Black Heritage Society)

Lantern Ale is a 5% ABV, unfiltered blond ale. It is light, refreshing and approachable. This brew has a bit more malt-backbone than a lager, offering a roasted, bready character. It has notes of grassy, herbal hops but the bready malt background balances the slight hop-bitterness. This beer is easy-drinking and has a very prompt finish.   Lantern Ale is 5% ABV and 15 IBU and 50 cents from every can goes towards Guelph Black Heritage Society.

In 2020, the GBHS launched the #ChangeStartsNow initiative to provide educational programming on Black History and culture as well as relevant resources on diversity, discrimination and anti-racism. At this historical crossroads, people are eager to learn, and they are up to the challenge.  Together, we will build the resources to empower our community to connect to our Black history, present & future.  Connect. Learn. Grow.  #ChangeStartsNow

For more information on upcoming events in Guelph and Wellington County including the Anti-Racism Summit, please visit or follow them on Instagram & Twitter at @guelphblackheritage.

We also recommend you follow and seek out the many wonderful Black Artists, Business Owners, Content Creators and Anti-Racism Advocates and Educators in our community and beyond. Here's a few Instagram accounts from folks in our area that we love to support:


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