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Deepwater Experiential Education Project

Deepwater Experiential Education Project

DEEP is a not-for-profit organization that provides funding for young people from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds to participate in wilderness education programs. Wilderness education is fundamental in the development of empowered and compassionate leaders and one of the best paths to positive, personal growth in a person’s life.

Grisette is a a brew within the Saison family- brewed to refresh after a long day of work. Aromas of bread dough, clove, citrus, pepper and earthy floor. As the beer warms, you may notice hay and a hint of toasted nuts. On the palate, a cracker-like malt-character is accented by peppery hops and Belgian yeast notes of clove. A hint of lemon adds brightness making this a very refreshing beer.

Join us in improving the lives of youth across Canada and creating a better future for our communities! Share with friends & adventurers!

3.8% || 33 IBU

.50 cents from every can will be donated directly to Deepwater Experiential Education Project

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