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Adopt-A-Hop & Community Brew

Adopt-A-Hop & Community Brew

Six years ago, we were put in touch with Autism Behavioural Services by a friend of the brewery whose children found support through ABS. Ever since then, we've been donating 100% of funds from our Adopt-A-Hop program in support of their work ensuring that each child gains the skill set they require in order to grow with self-determination, self-worth, and independence.
Since then, each spring the brewery is filled with beautiful baby hop plants for folks to take home and plant in their yards in exchange for a donation towards Autism Behavioural Services.  In the past 6 years, we've donated more than $2000 to ABS thanks to your support!
Throughout the growing season, we'll keep you updated on tips and tricks to ensure you get the best harvest possible! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date on the stages of this super cool plant!
Then, each September (ish), we invite backyard hop-growers to bring us their hop harvest and collaborate with us in a Community Brew! This beer will be available a few weeks later for all of us to enjoy the fruits of our labour!
2021 will be the 6th year of our annual Community Brew and we are so proud to be sharing this wonderful community program with the City of Guelph once again! This year, we're also collaborating with BIOS Nutrients to help your plants grow to their full potential with the best, organic, locally-made fertilizer out there!
ADOPT-A-HOP: May 13th 2021
  • On May 13th, you can come by the brewery to pick up hop plants! 
  • We will also have an exclusive deal for $34.99 including: 
    • 1 Baby Hop Plant
    • 1 Bag of BIOS Nutrients Organic Fertilizer
    • A "Hop-Forward" Canvas Tote designed by Cai Sepulis
    • An added donation to ABS
  • Please note: Hop plants are only available at the brewery, they will not be available online for home delivery. We cannot reserve plants at this time- 1st come, 1st serve. We will continue to restock plants weekly throughout the growing season, so don't worry if you miss out on the first round. If there is a line outside, please remember to wear a mask and keep 6 feet apart from other folks as per the guidelines.

    HOP DROP & COMMUNITY BREW: Dates are TBA Depending on weather and harvest but it's usually around the end of August/Early September.

    • Hop drop will occur Friday-Sunday prior to the brew date (which will occur on a Monday). Try to harvest your hops as close to that date as possible, then store in a cool, dry place until you can bring them to us.
    • Bring your harvest in anytime during our open hours on the weekend of the Hop Drop so it can be added to the Community Brew on the following Monday.
    • Head to our Instagram & Facebook for details on how to safely and efficiently harvest your hops. (Don't forget to wear long sleeves and long pants- these things get sharp and sticky!)
    • Please feel free to come in & see what happens on the brew day! You can get your hands dirty, talk with our brewers and learn more about what happens on the back end of a brewery! (Covid dependent)
    • We’ll start brewing at approximately 11am & community hops will be thrown into the kettle at approximately 2pm on the Monday following the Hop Drop.
    • More detailed information will be updated closer to the date in reference to Covid-19 safety protocols. This may included limited participation in the brew date.

    COMMUNITY BREW LAUNCH PARTY: TBA Depending on Covid-19

    • This will be a family friendly event—come enjoy food, music, brews & celebrate our fantastic community!
    Thanks for all your support! 


    Please Note: We acknowledge that there are many different approaches to supporting individuals with autism. We support every persons' right to choose what works best for them and their family.

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    • We’re on our 3rd year, and will have literally pounds. My brother has a brewery in Niagara, and he was asking what variety they are. Can you help me?

      Nathaniel Martin

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