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Calling out for our community backyard hop growers!

T'is the season for our annual wet-hop brew! 
Calling all our amazing community backyard hop growers! Harvest your hops and meet us at the brewery this weekend! September 7 through 9th (Friday- Sunday). Thanks again for all your support! Funds from the hop plants sold at the brewery go directly to Autism Behavioural Services! 


General tips:

  • Wear gloves! The stems and leaves can be very irritating to the skin. You can pick your hops from a ladder, but the easiest way is to cut the vines down a few feet above the ground. Separate the cones into a basket or pail, keeping them as free from stems or leaves as possible.
  • Seal in a plastic bag and keep cool until you bring them to the brewery!
  • Bring them any time this weekend between (Friday- Sunday)


COMMUNITY BREW DATE: Monday, September 10th

  • Please feel free to come in & see what happens on a brew day!
  • We’ll start brewing at 11am & community hops will be thrown into the kettle at approx. 2pm



This year we will be celebrating our launch of the ‘Community Brew’ on the same day as our Oktoberfest! Family friendly—come enjoy food, music, brews & celebrate our community!



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