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Art of Soil Collective: The Compost Queens

Art of Soil Collective: The Compost Queens

This summer we've paired up with The Art of Soil Collective, more specifically its sister project, "The Compost Queens of the Royal City," to help guide us in becoming a more environmentally responsible business of The Ward Neighbourhood of Guelph.
Early in the summer, we brewed a fabulous, hazy, citrus, light, refreshing as hell pale ale with 50 cents from every can donated to The Compost Queens themselves to continue the work they do healing the soil around our city.  As of right now, this is the only monetary support that The Compost Queens have received!
But there was so much more to be done! After learning more about The Compost Queens and the huge impact of diverting compostable waste outside of the landfill, we decided to build the second "Community Compost System" in Guelph and the very first one to be owned and operated by a business in the whole city. Over a week or so, we had volunteers come out from across the neighbourhood and around our plaza to help us put together this "soil machine" on the corner of York Road and Victoria Road in Guelph! This three tiered system created by Karen Houle of The Compost Queens uses gravity to help rotate the materials over time to create beautiful, healthy compost to use in the neighbourhood including our new pollinator garden created by The Yorklands Green Hub right next to the composting system.
We welcome all local businesses around The Ward who have organic "wastes" that currently go into the municipal garbage stream (green bins) to divert some or all of their "green" and "brown" materials to this new compost system: food waste, wood shavings, spent grain, coffee grounds etc. As Houle says on the Art of Soil Collective website, "For folks in our neighbourhood who, for a whole bunch of reasons but often economic, do not have yards, balconies and lawns to build compost for. This is a way to involve small businesses and non-lawn-owning humans into the soil amending, climate mitigating, worm & bird loving, plant mentoring "work" that is making compost."
For more information on our Community Composter or to learn about how you can organize a build in your neighbourhood check this out!
Special shout out to the following contributors:
  • Riot Axe Throwing
  • Bios Nutrients
  • Yorklands Green Hub
  • Pura Vida Woodworking
  • Loft 199 Hair Salon
  • Lost Aviator Coffee Co.
  • Planet Bean Coffee
  • The Grotto Climbing Gym

Photos by Dilettante Hospitality

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