Royal City Brewing was established in 2013 by two childhood friends, Cam Fryer and Russ Bateman. After attending the University of Guelph and getting to know this wonderful city and the people that make it so great, these long-time friends knew that Guelph was the perfect location for their brewery. Located in The Ward neighbourhood, Royal City Brewing is excited to bring you fresh, innovative & approachable beer. But none of this could be done without our amazing team! Meet our crew! 

Russ- Owner, Sales & Marketing & more!
Russ is a hard-working family man who is full of big ideas for this place! His catchphrase is, "this is the best beer we've ever made"... about every beer we've ever made! Russ can be found making technical alterations around the brewery to help operations run more efficiently or helping develop new brand concepts & marketing strategies!

Cam - Owner, Brewer & Everything in-between
Cam is the man with the plan! He’s a well-read, well-traveled beer enthusiast who discovered his love for beer while living in Germany and Scotland. When not at work you can find him… well, who are we kidding, he’s a small-business owner, he’s always working!


Matt - Head Brewer
Matt is the man behind all the beer you love here at Royal City Brewing! He’s moderately obsessed with reading and death metal and when he’s not doing hop-drops or coming up with new recipes you can find him rattling chains on the disc-golf course or getting a new tattoo. His most recent Sigil Series is a collaborative project with local tattoo artists who design the artwork for each release.

 Mark - Cellarman & Brewhouse Staff
Mark is the one puttin’ bubbles in the brews and getting kegs ready to go out the door. You can find him helping on the canning line, filling kegs up for restaurants or home deliveries and keeping the brewhouse clean and organized. His go-to beer is usually a pilsner or lager and when he’s not kegging beers, he’s busy being a regular pun-slinger, coming up with many of our beer names!

- Assistant Brewer
Andrew has been in the biz for years but is one of the newest additions to our team here at Royal City. You can find him on brewing, on the canning line or puttering around the brewhouse. When he’s not at work you can probably find Andrew enjoying a Pale Ale at the Wooly or killin’ it on the drums! He's also the #1 Fan of our Exhibition IPA and he lets it be known!


- Office Manager/Administrator
Miranda is our organization queen! She's the one who makes sure all our paperwork is in order so beer gets out to all LCBO, Grocery, Beer Stores and licensees each week while also ensuring our office is a cozy and welcoming space. She's a self-proclaimed cat-lady an when not at work, you can find her on the baseball field, the roller rink or planning a trip to Cleveland with  her husband and 2 sons!

 Avery Sales & Marketing & Community
She keeps you informed about what’s going on around here on our social media platforms while also getting beer out the door to bars & restaurants outside of the tri-city area. She organizes our community collabs and coordinates events on and off site! She’s a fan of all beer, but scotch is her true love. When not at work, you can find her on a hike with a handful of dogs in tow!

Kyle - Sales Rep
You can spot Kyle in Guelph, KW, Cambridge & Hamilton supplying beer to all our favourite pubs and bars! These days, Kyle is doing all of our free same day deliveries in Guelph and KW/Cambridge. Kyle is also our very first employee, starting day 1 back in 2014!  When not at work Kyle is likely working the bar at Baker St Station in Guelph, hanging with his dog Pablo and lovely girlfriend Kyra or playing soccer. 

Dan - FOH Manager, Quality, Barrel-Beer Programmer & more
Dan is the brains of the operation- seriously! Dan is one of only a few Master Beer Sommelier in Canada! He puts his certification to great use at Royal City, educating staff on beer style & history and hosting brewery tours for the public. He uses his keen palate to develop our QA programming ensuring our beer gets better and better each brew! Outside of work you can find Dan kickin’ butt at muay thai, cooking up a delicious storm including fermenting all sorts of goodies in his basement or spending time with his family (but most likely he’s somewhere talking about beer!)

Nicole - Everything Gal!
She started as a summer student but we're lucky enough to still have her around! You can find her pouring beers in the Ward Room, assisting on the canning line or doing one of the many little projects that help us run more efficiently each day! Her favourite thing about Guelph is that no matter where you are, there’s always a cow somewhere nearby. And when not at work you can find her in the library working hard towards her engineering degree.

  Jon - Ward Room Beer-Slinger & Writer
Jonathon is one of the warm and friendly people you can find in the Ward Room pouring pints. His caring & calming presence pair perfectly with a pint! He’s a sucker for a hazy IPA but has recently diversified his palate and has been enjoying stouts and dunkels. Jon is also the man behind our beautiful monthly newsletters! Sharing with you his love for the written word & all things beer! What he loves most about Guelph is the wonderful Ward & Downtown community he calls home. When he’s not at work you can find him playing soccer or cooking dinner with friends.

Emily- Ward Room Beer-Slinger
Emily has been around Royal City since the start! She's one of our 1st front of house staff! Most weekends you can find her behind the bar in the Ward Room pouring flights or filling growlers and chatting up our regulars.Her favourite beers range from a classic German Lager to a dry-hopped sour. And when she's not at work, you can spot her running all over Guelph, training for an upcoming race or shooting pool!


- Ward Room Beer-Slinger & Trivia Master
Amber can be found slinging beers behind the bar in the Ward Room, drawing AMAZING & hilarious cartoons wherever needed, or hosting our bumpin’ trivia nights twice a month (pre-covid of course). Her favourite beers include a hazy IPA or a smooth brown ale. When she’s not at work you can find her planning a trip, next up is Costa Rica to flex her new scuba certification!

 Lauren - Ward Room Beer Slinger.
Lauren is one of the lovely people you get to meet on a visit to The Ward Room. Her background is in wine and food, but she's embraced the craft brewing industry whole-heartedly! These days, she's digging big juicy IPAs (Riverside IPA helloooo) or a refreshing fruity sour. When Lauren isn't at work, you can find her out adventuring! She loves hiking, biking and embracing nature with one or two foster dogs in tow.
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