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Marky Mark and Cam cleaning up after a batch

Royal City Rotation

Rotating Brews come off of our main system and are available in our tap room and at select bars and restaurants. They are available until we run out. We strive to have 2 - 3 Rotating brews available at any point in time. The rotation is regularly updated with successful pilot batches.

 The Rotation:

  • Gateway IPA: 6.5%,  45 IBU. This English Style IPA is made the original way, higher alcohol, high bitterness, but strong malt character. Traditional English hops impart crisp bitterness and herbal, floral notes to this beer. Full bodied, copper brown in colour.
  • Morning Stout: 4%  20 IBU This coffee oatmeal stout was one of our original recipies. A light, easy to drink stout, low in alcohol and brewed with local Grizzly Bear Coffee. Breakfast in a bottle
  • Stock Ale: 5% IBU depends on the variety! This light bodied ale provides a great base for experimentation. So far we've added: Blueberry, lemon thyme, pears and vanilla, and jalapenos to various batches. Lots more to come.
  • Ward Heavy: 6.5%  20 IBU A scottish wee heavy by style, this deep amber ale is made entirely of UK malts and hops. Strong, assertive, and a little rough around the edges it's just like the Ward, the part of Guelph we call home.
  • Rauchbier: 5.5%  25 IBU This Bamberg style smoked lager debuted under the name of Rauch (pronounced rouwk) me Amadeus. Much like Falco it was an overnight sensation and disappeared very quickly. We'll make more soon.
  • Phantom of the Hopera: 7% 35 IBU Phantom is a true west coast IPA. Potent notes of citrus and pine dominate the nose gooseberry, grapefruit on the palate with restrained bitterness result from huge whirlpool additions of Mosaic, Belma and Amarillo hops.
  • I AM GRUIT 6.5% 0 IBU A gruit is a beer made without hops. Traditionally from northern Europe, where hops don't grow terribly well, locally available herbs were used to flavour this traditional style of beer. Ours uses douglas fir boughs, red currants and sage - leaving a tart yet fresh tasting beer.

New additions are constantly in the works

Next Up:

Ward Heavy


Morning St

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