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Suffolk St. Session

Style: English Special Bitter

Similar To: Arkell Best Bitter, Mill Race Mild, 100th Meridian

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Mild spice & herb from the hops, fresh bread

Palate: A light crisp start transitions into a subtle soft fruit taste with biscuit and bread notes, finishing like it started, light and crisp.

Other Notes:

By style this beer is a special bitter, meaning that the alcohol (4.2%) is higher than a traditional bitter (3.5-4%). Suffolk St. is a light, approachable craft brew that would be very well suited to people unused to craft beers, or who might be intimidated by a craft brew menu, and serves as a good gateway to introduce new people to craft. It would also be well suited to business lunches as it is relatively low in alcohol. Although bitter by style, bitters are actually not overly bitter: the name is a historical designation to differentiate the style from previously un-hopped beers. The "session" in the name refers to this style being a being a lower-alcohol beer.

ABV: 4.2%
IBU: 15
SRM: 12

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