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Royal City Regulars

These beers are available year round through our tap room, and at select bars and restaurants in Guelph and the surrounding area.

They are available in Guelph Rounds (1 liter), Growlers (2 liter) and Grumblers (4 liters), as well as 500ml bottles.

We may run out from time to time, but we're always making more.


5.5% Our flagship beer. A hybrid Ale: cross between an English Brown Ale and German Smoked Lager, or “Rauchbier”.

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A tradional farmhouse style ale fermented with Escarpment Labs' old world saison yeast. A generous hibiscus tea infusion adds a modest pink blush to the beer.

This session IPA is light bodied, and hop forward. Pulling its flavour from large late editions of Amarillo and Citra hops.

5.2% Canadian Pale Ale. Mid point in body and hoppiness between an English Pale Ale and a West Coast Pale Ale.

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5% Traditional Stout. A dry stout, similar to Cobblestone Stout or Guinness.

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4.2% English session ale. This beer is a light, approachable craft brew.

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A woman drove me to drink and I didn't even have the decency to thank her.

W.C. Fields

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